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Thermal stress

By Dr. Jiří Plešek

Problem description

A thick-wall tube shown is to be analyzed for the static and thermal loadings. Calculate the temperature distribution, displacement and stresses under plane strain conditions providing the top and bottom faces of the tube are insulated. $T_1$ and $T_2$ represent the wall temperatures (as if the surface coefficients were very high).

Material properties

$E=2\times10^5\text{ MPa},$ $\nu=0.3,$ $\alpha=10^{-5}\text{ 1/K},$ $\lambda=20\text{ W/mK}.$

Boundary conditions

$T_1=100\text{ $^\circ$C},$ $T_2=0\text{ $^\circ$C}.$


The internal pressure $p=287.47075\text{ MPa}.$


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